Board of Directors Support

Supporting volunteers within their role as leaders is one critical component of KWMG’s management services. Through KWMG’s support, volunteer leaders are better positioned to think globally and strategically and to lead the association at the 30,000 foot level; while KWMG’s experienced staff execute and implement the Board’s vision. With the tactical support that KWMG offers our volunteer boards it allows the board to focus on the macro issues affecting their organization. The strategic actions that arise out of a Board meeting need to be executed and it is our job to implement those actions flawlessly.

KWMG’s job is to effectively partner with client boards and committees to ensure a relationship that is natural and seamless. We provide the professional support and give your volunteers the freedom to bring ideas, energy, and resources to the table for the benefit of all members.

Some of the services that we provide the volunteer leadership include:

  • Coordination of board and committee meetings and attendees and providing all support necessary to facilitate the meeting, from agendas to minutes
  • Provide guidance, support, and association best practices to volunteer boards on governance issues
  • Facilitate board, committee and other volunteer communication including minutes and agendas development
  • Provide continuity for constantly changing boards to ensure the long-term vision and mission of the organization
  • Assist board with every aspect of the association governance

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