Web and Social Media

Websites and electronic communications are the public face of an organization and serve as the information hub for the association’s members. Association websites must be functional, engaging, informative; able to generate interest; and to drive traffic to the association. KWMG works with volunteer leaders to create and deliver the association’s vision of what their web presence needs be.

KWMG has a history of being creative in web design and we apply specific technology solutions that increase online efficiency, effectiveness, and interactions. We believe the web should be the exclusive, dynamic portal for all member and non-member interactions. This includes: membership signups and renewals, directories, research and educational information, organizational newsletters, conference registrations, social media, forums, and blogs.

KWMG works with our clients to ensure that the organization’s websites become a two-way communication tool. Our team works to implement a board’s vision to create vibrant, user-friendly websites that provide members and non-members easy access to public and private information. Our websites continually evolve and incorporate cutting edge technology for the association’s member’s benefit.